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People Data Labs

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People Data Labs is one of the most comprehensive and secure data providers today.

We helped People Data Labs establish themselves in various industries as the “single source of truth” for people and company data, building trust with its customers in a time where topics like data security and privacy are major global concerns (for good reasons).

  • Broke record for most monthly inbound pipeline ARR created at $6M in Q1 2023 compared to $1M in 2020
  • Increased blog traffic by 300%+
  • Launched successful webinar program with average live registrants ~ 200 people per webinar and steady flow of on-demand viewers
  • Curated brand voice and improved SEO via blog
  • Produced explainer videos for various products
  • Produced a high variety of other engaging content covering data and technology (particularly in the DaaS space), including social posts, collateral, ads, sound design, music, case studies, website copy, and more


Vantiq is a next-generation application development platform that helps save lives and the environment.

We helped Vantiq launch its entire marketing and operations function targeting businesses needing an advanced real-time application development/management platform, which involved everything from content production to event management.

  • Produced over 70 publications, which set a foundation for Vantiq’s SEO and thought leadership
  • Managed production of webinars (increased avg. attendance by 50%) 
  • Orchestrated field marketing initiatives: events (domestic and international), direct mailers, merchandise, and brand advertising
  • Created a smart office, “Project Q”, and produced promotional content to announce the successful feat
  • Produced and edited web series and podcast “The Real-Time Enterprise” under VANTIQ’s media channel “VANTIQ TV”
  • Managed web publishing (content and design)
  • Adapted marketing strategy in the midst of COVID-19


Houzz is an innovative home media/network geared towards highly artistic and lucrative real estate projects.

We helped Houzz expand its sales department in Nashville, TN and nurture its rapidly growing user base of home professionals and home renovation fanatics.

  • Created custom profiles on the Houzz platform for established home professionals
  • Engaged new customers to a subscription-based advertising program by crafting consultations to fit their unique business goals
  • Fostered relationships with multi-million dollar business owners across the country

Belmont University High Adventure

Belmont University is one of United States’ top colleges for liberal arts and science.

We helped Belmont University enrich its fitness and recreation department, and improved its community around high adventure activities. 

  • Founded Outdoor and Recreation Club that had over 100 members join its first year
  • Planned and guided high-adventure excursions in the South Eastern United States
  • Hosted and instructed events at Belmont’s rock climbing wall

Hummingbird Productions

Hummingbird Productions is one of the longest standing advertising production companies in the world.

We helped Hummingbird Productions further establish themselves and expand their expertise into film, coining the term “fusic” (film + music).

  • Edited footage in to-be-released Cuba documentary 
  • Developed business with music supervisors, ad agencies, and other production companies to recruit and coordinate
    entertainment projects
  • Organized Nashville-wide 40th anniversary event 

Leftfield Pictures

Leftfield Pictures (now part of ITV America) is an unscripted content powerhouse with hundreds of hours of premium cutting-edge and innovative programming, airing on various major networks, OTT, and theatrical platforms.

We helped Leftfield Pictures expand into their Los Angeles office from their headquarters in New York with the former producers of Deadliest Catch and Hoarders.

  • Wrote and pitched new show concepts
  • Researched talent, developed assets, and assisted in production
  • Aided film operations as a production assistants (PA) on set

Esposito Artwork & Adventures

From canvas paintings to various merchandise, Esposito is constantly creating and selling new things which we share on Instagram or this website.

Chris' Garage

Chris’ Garage is a new YouTube channel that follows Chris Esposito through his passion of driving cool cars. 

From Dodge Challengers to Ford Mustangs, Chris takes you on a wild ride through his experiences behind the wheel.

Chris Esposito Music & Singing

Chris Esposito’s YouTube channel is currently undergoing an experiment where Chris is frequently posting popular song covers.

This channel is lighthearted and fun to give people a little bit of joy in their day. We expect to see great things from this channel, as this will be where Chris’ new music will soon debut!

Documenting Earth

Documenting Earth is a YouTube channel dedicated to producing non-narrated footage of our planet.


GUNTRICKS is a former pseudonym Chris Esposito used to record and perform electronic rock music in Nashville, TN. The act involved Chris’ Yamaha keyboard, a luminescent drum pad, various synth equipment, and a microphone that Chris would creatively use to perform orchestra-like synth music. 

The act gained considerable popularity in the college crowds of Nashville, and Chris performed at some recognized venues, including The End in Ellister Square and some properties next to music row. 


BANG BANG was an experimental group that formed for a short period in 2017. 

Although some life circumstances occurred that didn’t allow the group to continue, a rad demo track came out from the group, called “Fire”, featuring Emery Adeline.  

Carrot Cake

Carrot Cake is another experimental group, featuring funky rhythm and keyboard sounds.

Chris Esposito and Aiden Mathieu formed this wacky-named group to make carefree funk music. Their first track, “Raw Almonds” remains a classic in our hearts.  

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